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Working for a better world for all living beings. The Red Knight signifies the male aspect of nature and his drive may be compared to an engine's horsepower, yet fury and vigor are well directed by this lover man, although they are coming from the lowest aspect of creation. He rides the red path up toward the inevitable transformation of fire anger into pure energy.

The artwork is showing the knight's journey as a metaphoric one, as he remains in an energy form, not a person. His horse is suggestive of a sacred unicorn rather than a means of transportation. This card is paving the way toward completion of major goals and tasks as its character is of no-hesitation, being resourceful and inventive. This one does not make a plan, as he rather improvises momentary solutions only when a problem arises.

The Queen Two-Headed Serpent is an awakening card, delivering both opposing sides of the matter to a level ground of mutual understanding. The Red Queen knows herself as she is, and the more coherent she becomes with the apparent manifestation of her personal life, the more she can see into the hearts, minds, and souls of others. The artwork shows her uniting both heads of one serpent, as she is connecting the birth of a beginning idea and its physical end-result under one will and intent.

Beacon Light Concepts and Skills

This card indicates the deepest understanding of psychology to be the prime motivation for all past actions and future fulfillments. The interpretation of one's psyche comes from pure insight of an individual who uses the creative mind in order to deliver a full story without limiting its subject to what is assumed proper right or wrong.

This card defines a character of the psychic domain, sure of itself and responsible to be carrying the burden of others towards a promised ground of safety. This card refers to astrological influence of the Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Brief Overview: 1 May relate to shaman, pagan, Wicca, and the witches preferred dark hair and pale skin.

Common Implication: Self-knowledge; Experience; Insight. The Prince Two-Headed Serpent is a tormenting card, cut short in the process of trying to deliver an extremely simple message. This turns out to be a life-long process. The need to express one-self is as real as eating or breathing, if not more. In fact, the human intellectual achievement has managed to put our necessities into a whole different hierarchy of the classic food chain. The artwork portrays a figure that is neither male nor female that through gesture is willing to expose its inner most intimate aspect of self.

This card is indicating an acting time whereas any character may be used in order to address one's own self-expression. Brief Overview: 1 Acting skills, and when combined with the actor, a successful role in the movies, television, or the theater. The Princess Two-Headed Serpent is a spontaneous card that reveals no details or information about something that is going to happen … very soon. The Red Princess is unpredictable, as she tends to move in the heat of a moment, a place any Buddhist would have liked to be in.

Queen of hearts tarot love - when will i marry tarot

Nevertheless, she does it effortlessly, without any common spiritual preparation. To understand the surprise element of the moment, one must be not only young at heart, but also naive, innocent, and a bit foolish. Who else would have gone into the void of time itself just to come back with a …surprise? The Red Princess does so. This courageous and curious card supports the brave little ones that happen to open the gates of heaven for the wiser, older souls with weak hearts.

Its character is daring to be different then anybody else and is due to experience great difficulties in early age, yet greater life at older age.

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Brief Overview: 1 Overcoming present difficulties. I Am Balance. I Am Decision. I Am Completion. Eliciting Guided Choice b. Care with words, gestures and behaviours actions For Every Human Interaction: a. Go to every episode with clarity: Open Agenda or Set Agenda or a mix of both,; if latter i.

External vs. Internal Weather. Discernment: I am not my emotions, feelings, thoughts and perceptions. I am much more than even all these combined: Iqbal on Man when attracted by external universe vs. Social World Two Brain Circuitries a. Invisibility: You have to be strong enough to be weak Impulse management Stop, Pause, Go. Communion with Allah on an altogether different the highest plane plane Attribution Style: a. Locus of Control: Internal vs.

Queen of hearts tarot love

External b. Stability: Fixed Permanent or Variable Transient Behavioural Approach to Personality Change vs. Etiquettes b. Circle of Influence and Circle of Concern. Motivation: Major Paradigms a. Equity b. Expectancy c. Maslows Hierarchy of Needs as modified by David Rock. Your Stateiv is always impacting the quality of thinking, feeling, words sensations and acting.

Be mindfully aware: label; give weightage to them accordingly HV or LV ; and reframe if possible. In nutshell, our states are created by two components: 1 Internal representations: What and how we picture in our mind V. What we hear and what we say to ourselves in our mind A.

Internal representation and physiology work together in a cybernetic loop. Anything that affects one will automatically affect the other. So changing states involves changing internal representation and changing physiology. Since we dont know how things really are, but only how we represent them to ourselves, why not represent them in a way that empowers ourselves and others, rather than creating limitations.

The key to doing this successfully is empowering states for an individual.

tarot 4two aries Tarot 4two aries
tarot 4two aries Tarot 4two aries
tarot 4two aries Tarot 4two aries
tarot 4two aries Tarot 4two aries
tarot 4two aries Tarot 4two aries
tarot 4two aries Tarot 4two aries
tarot 4two aries Tarot 4two aries

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