Pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020

Bring it on home with the Taurus Full Moon!

You need variety. Yes, we all need a certain amount of organisation and scheduling in order to deal with those unavoidable tasks effectively. Think of this as making more time for the things you love. But a hamster wheel or the same mundane job, day in, day out? The Sun in your 9 th makes a break out angle to Uranus in your 6 th on the 29 th. Make an effort to release yourself from that rut rather than wait for circumstances to conspire to doing it for you. The same day sees the Sun angle to Chiron in your 5 th. This is your inner rock star waiting to be unleashed. Just whose playlist is this anyway?

Your 5 th is the house where you get to express yourself — so time to get doing just that. Someone could cross you path this week who is totally about expressing themselves — and not caring too much about what people think either. They may not be looking for approval, but if they find it they also know this usually means they have encountered a kindred soul. The new Supermoon in your 9 th marks the start of a new journey of discovery while Mars and Juno conjunct in here point to two travelling companions who may be different in many ways, but heading down the same path.

You and they could just share the same playlist, Sag.

In a nutshell: Break free of restriction and routine. And out into pleasure and adventure again. Letting go of worrying about what others think brings you the ideal travelling companion, Sag.


The Sun also in your 8 th angles to Uranus in your 5 th of true fabulousness and creativity. Uranus rules those goals. This may begin with some planning. The Sun also trines Chiron in your 4 th telling you that some time alone to come up with a unique idea just may be in order. Be the observer. They are experiences only. Chances are very different. Take some down time and get creative when it comes to solutions. Mars is the ancient ruler of your 8 th so is in fact, right at home in here.

It demands passion and also action.

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Intertwined with Juno this relates to your significant other, partner or something you share with someone. Again, nothing is good or bad.

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If planning expansion or backward integration, the report gives you an indication of the right time to do so. An investment, real estate or financial matter could pay dividends, but it will come with many demands. Watch your temper on November 5, when a volatile square forms between Mars and powermonger Pluto, which is in Capricorn and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Jealousy could break out between friends or a simmering intragroup rivalry might reach a meltdown point. Do your best to stay out of the controversy.

Attempts to mediate may backfire, so let the drama queens and divas settle their own issues without you!

Pisces Weekly Horoscope November 11, 12222

Call an attorney and handle your strategy on the downlow instead of getting sucked into any interpersonal scuffles. This square could also crank up some sexy tension with a friend or coworker. Think VERY carefully before crossing that line. Clarity and open communication will arrive at the November 12 Taurus full moon, which beams into your expressive third house.

Even better? La luna will be supported by a harmonious trine from both Pluto and mature Saturn in Capricorn and your collaborative eleventh house. NOW you can have the productive conversations, brainstorming sessions and solution-driven chats with your crew, Pisces. Keep talk focused on a common mission and stay out of the blame game.

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Proactive and forward-moving is the way to go. Got an exciting idea for a shared project? The moon-Saturn-Pluto trine will help you put technology solutions in place that can make this even bigger, anything from a social media campaign to an email blast. This full moon can make a budding dynamic duo official.

However, you may want to wait a week for Mercury to turn direct forward before signing any contracts.

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Read the fine print carefully, a couple times over. With Mercury retrograde opposing this moon, extra caution is warranted. Keep the snarky comments to yourself—and off email, chat or text threads. Listen more than you talk. The relief from biting your tongue will arrive on November 19, when go-getter Mars zooms into Scorpio until January 3, heating up your visionary ninth house for the rest of the year. Go big with those entrepreneurial ideas!

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At this Mars-Uranus opposition, your knee-jerk reactions and general nervous energy makes it hard to communicate your point effectively. When your ruling planet Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in Pisces on November 27, your confidence and charisma return in spades. Thanksgiving weekend in the U. You might just be pleasantly surprised! The eleventh house rules humanitarian efforts, so meet friends for a couple hours of holiday volunteer work instead of just a boozy brunch.

You can catch up while you stack donated canned goods or make decorations for a charity benefit party. Why do it alone when you can have a blast making positive and impactful things alongside kindred spirits?

Pisces YEARLY 2019-2020 Reading - Amazing year!!

Victory is so much sweeter when you share it! The month finds you unusually intense and focused, especially when it comes to love. Amorous Venus is vaulting through Sagittarius and your goal-driven tenth house from November 1 to 25, turning your thoughts to the future. And with intensifying Mars in your eighth house of sex, merging and emotional vulnerability until November 19, it could be extremely challenging to keep strong feelings at bay.

pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020 Pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020
pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020 Pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020
pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020 Pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020
pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020 Pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020
pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020 Pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020
pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020 Pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020
pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020 Pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020
pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020 Pisces weekly tarot february 24 2020

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