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Horoscopes: the week ahead. Why Fiona Woolf deserves her damehood. X Factor's Mel B: Don't assume she's a victim. All hail the new Tinder for girls minus the creeps.

Yet I felt an entirely irrational surge of optimism when I read that Saturn is back in my sign, which should make me ballsier and more successful. Her day off yielded nothing but a pizza leaflet. For some reason, my secret horoscope shame is something I only ever discuss with women. According to a Gallup poll, 28 per cent of women admit to regularly consulting their horoscopes, compared with 23 per cent of men - a sizeable difference, if not a dramatic one.

A similar poll from found that women were twice as likely as men to consult a psychic. Horoscopes tend to be presented in a feminised way, so I suspect that men demonstrating an idle interest are soon put off by the swirly purple fonts. More women are being drawn to horoscopes and psychics. Science writer Yohana Desta has looked at the statistics and come to the conclusion that women are more drawn to horoscopes because, historically, we have had the least control over our destiny. But as a woman living in the UK in , I like to think that I have a reasonable amount of control over my own destiny, without waiting for the sky to tell me what to do.

This is a term psychologists often apply to people dealing with a challenge in their life. If you believe you can control the outcome and can influence your situation, you have an internal locus of control.

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Not that you can't have those too! While cautious Saturn will ask you to budget and plan, you could become quite a savvy money manager during this practical cycle. The July 12 Cancer solar eclipse could bring an exciting investment opportunity or a joint venture that takes your ideas to new heights. Mid-May, unpredictable Uranus will end a seven-year run through your romantic fifth house, dialing down the drama and making you a little less intrigued by the bad boys 'n girls. Uranus will spend the next eight years in Taurus and your health-conscious, orderly sixth house, sparking a wellness revolution.

Turn fitness and clean eating into an adventure. Ditch your desk and take conference calls during a power walk. Writing, teaching and learning could also be cathartic, as four of the year's eclipses fall on your communication axis. Craft your message and share it boldly with the world!

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This is a major moment in your personal history, Capricorn. Your ruling planet, Saturn, has returned to your sign for the first time since , marking the closure of a long cycle and the start of a new one that will span the next 30 years. Hosting the taskmaster planet isn't the easiest, TBH. Outmoded structures will collapse—from relationships that have passed their prime to a job you've outgrown to habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. This reinvention tour will last until December , so you've got the next three years to tear down and rebuild your identity.

You'll emerge a leaner, stronger and more authentic version of yourself—provided you pay Saturn's dues and do the hard work of self-reflection. Luckily, you could find a tribe of people who will hold you accountable and inspire you to think outside the box. Until November 8, , expansive Jupiter will be in Scorpio and your teamwork house, drawing you out of hermit mode and sparking fruitful new collaborations. Your social circle could triple in size and reach both IRL and online, as the eleventh house rules technology.

With multicultural ambassador Jupiter at the helm, you could team up with people from diverse backgrounds, both for friendship and world-bettering causes. One special person might rise above the fray this summer, when a July 12 solar eclipse in Cancer whooshes into your committed relationship house.

Stay tuned for unexpected developments with both love and business over the coming six months. For couples, this could be a moment to renew vows or make things official, whether with a ring or some formal gesture of togetherness. You might change jobs, buy or sell property or get involved in a lucrative joint venture. Eclipses can bring surprise endings and beginnings, so if a source of income or emotional support is "eclipsed" away, rest assured that a new one will soon be coming in.

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Exciting changes are coming to every key area of your life in , from career to home and family to relationships to your solo endeavors. It's a lot all at once, but if anyone can navigate this, it's you, Aquarius. The planets will touch down on all the major axes of your chart, giving reality an extreme makeover. These potent lunations will revamp your personal identity AND your partnerships.

In February and July, the spotlight could call, while January and August could bring major dynamic-duo moments or a possible parting of ways. Meantime, your career is heating to a boil, as auspicious Jupiter soars through Scorpio and your tenth house of success until November 8.

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This could bring an offer for a leadership or executive post, or a lot of calls from headhunters. With enthusiastic Jupiter in your corner, you could be awarded public recognition for your work or you might travel for business. A relocation is possible, especially starting mid-May, when changemaker Uranus your ruling planet starts an eight-year visit to Taurus and your domestic fourth house. This could create a ripple effect at home e.

Your relationship with your mother, a child or an important female could also go through some peaks and valleys during this Uranus cycle. Aquarian parents might experience an empty nest or a need to create more healthy separation in your bonds. There could be some heavier emotions that come up while Saturn travels through Capricorn and your healing twelfth house for the next three years. You might enlist a therapist, energy healer or spiritual teacher, but beware getting starry-eyed over a guru figure. True transformation comes from within!

In fact, you might decide to get serious about developing your own talents in this area, perhaps taking a Bach flower essences course or getting certified to teach yoga. If you've battled addictive or self-sabotaging tendencies, stalwart Saturn can help you work through these issues at a core level.

You're clearing the decks for Saturn's return to Aquarius in , which will kick off a new year chapter of your life. The heaviness lifts—at last! You've weathered a tough few years, Pisces, but in , optimism and faith should be restored. For starters, you've shaken tough Saturn off your back after three years of his restrictive presence in your tenth house of career and long-term goals from December to December You may have felt like you were pushing a boulder up a hill, or that your efforts to get ahead were thwarted by senseless bureaucracy. Through Saturn's trials and tests, you may also have established yourself as an expert or leader, and perhaps even switched jobs.

Now, Saturn is spending the next three years in Capricorn and your teamwork house, a much easier transit that will bring powerful allies onto Team Pisces. You might take a more serious role in a group, rise up as an "influencer" on social media or become a spokesperson for an activist platform. Your charitable heart could thrive with Saturn in this humanitarian sector, and you can round up some established, well-connected people to support an important cause.

Meantime, expansive Jupiter is flying free in your ninth house of travel, learning, adventure and entrepreneurship until November 8. This optimistic new energy is a breath of fresh air, one that could see you collecting passport stamps or launching an independent venture. Your creativity has a peak moment on July 12, when a Cancer solar eclipse ignites your fifth house of self-expression and fame.

Get ready for the spotlight! The fifth house also rules love and fertility, which could bring a midyear visit from Cupid, the stork—or both. In January and August, these lunations could inspire you to adopt new health practices, change your eating and exercise habits and get more organized.

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Delegating to capable people could also lighten the load if you're feeling burdened by stress. In February and July, eclipses will touch down in the Pisces-ruled twelfth house of your chart, sparking creativity, spiritual awakenings and major moments of serendipity.

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Pay attention to your intuition—it will be beaming some big messages to you! An unresolved situation could come to a close or you might do some important forgiveness work that heals a longstanding painful pattern. Get your full horoscope in The AstroTwins' Planetary Planner, a complete guide to the entire year's astrology available in paperback and PDF. Visit shop. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Rihanna Is Releasing a 'Visual Autobiography'.

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woman and home magazine horoscopes Woman and home magazine horoscopes
woman and home magazine horoscopes Woman and home magazine horoscopes
woman and home magazine horoscopes Woman and home magazine horoscopes
woman and home magazine horoscopes Woman and home magazine horoscopes
woman and home magazine horoscopes Woman and home magazine horoscopes
woman and home magazine horoscopes Woman and home magazine horoscopes

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