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Pas question de faire du sentiment. Sans compter que, pour nombre d'entre vous, il pourrait bien y avoir une rencontre importante dans l'air.

Signe par signe, retrouvez l'horoscope de Christine Haas du vendredi 19 juillet 12222.

Avec cet aspect de Mars, c'est le signal d'alarme qui retentira. Acceptez-la si elle vous convient tant bien que mal. Rappelez-vous que tout ce qui brille n'est pas or, et que les affaires sont les affaires. C'est surtout en ce moment que le Ciel vous sera favorable en raison des bons influx de Jupiter.

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On n'osera plus faire une caricature du mariage! Cette fois, c'est Neptune qui aura un impact dominant sur vos finances.


Pour les autres, une augmentation de leurs revenus semble dans l'air. La fatigue n'aura pas de prise sur vous, pas plus que le stress. Natifs vivant en couple, les relations avec votre conjoint ou partenaire seraient meilleures si vous acceptiez de vous montrer un peu moins autoritaire. Four eclipses—on January 6, July 2 and 16, and December 26—will reveal your most loyal allies. With your glamorous fifth house lit until December, make time to celebrate these relationships in a big way!

At work, is your year to shine as the office influencer, though you'll have to keep your boots on the ground and put in the hustle too. Hydration is the name of the game for your aquatic sign so a good water bottle is a must, important jewelry, like matching friendship necklaces or ceremonial rings, will show your besties how much they mean to you, and glitter or metallic boots will let you shine at work while putting in the hustle.

You're back in your show-stopping element, thanks to live-out-loud Jupiter glittering in the part of your chart associated with fame and self-expression for most of If you're not spotlit on stage, you may step up to the podium as a presenter, since a public leadership position has Leo written all over it.

Before the year is half through, your brightest asset may be your lit-from-within glow, thanks to driven Saturn and regenerative Pluto holding court in your wellness zone. Get your workout on, but as soon as the weather warms up, hop off the treadmill and go play in the great outdoors, under the beams of your ruler, the Sun.

Pajama dressing is so your style statement in , as the stars activate your nesting instincts. But that doesn't mean your chill time will be unproductive. Staying healthy is always at the top of a wellness-minded Virgo's priority list. Clear out a corner for your yoga mat and hand weights so you can work out while watching your favorite series.

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With your creativity corner lit by two major planets, Chateau Virgo could also double as an inspiration station. This is the year to launch a style blog or start a side hustle at your kitchen table. Just don't let your glamour card expire.

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Plan to get out weekly at minimum and Cupid will reward your efforts since a trio of romantic eclipses—in January, July and December—could bring love when you're not even looking for it. Coupled Virgos could achieve a serious milestone together before is through. But buzzing social life aside, don't treat home like a drop-in hostel.

With stable Saturn in your domestic zone all year, you could be entertaining at Casa Libra with casual potlucks and movie nights. Network your way to prosperity, Scorpio!

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Cosmic mogul Saturn spends its second full year traveling alongside your ruler, powerhouse Pluto, helping you form profitable connections. Load presentation slides onto your phone, so you can make an on-the-fly pitch while you're out mingling with influencers Finally, with expansive Jupiter in your luxe second house, this is the year to invest in keep-forever jewelry that you can wear with everything from denim to velvet. In , you may give new meaning to "runway chic" as you hop on flights around the world. For the first time since , your ruling planet, worldly Jupiter will be touring your sign, which will majorly activate your wanderlust.

But your travels may be more for business than pleasure in , since the cosmos are also calling forth the mogul in you. Expansion is the name of the game for you, so don't be surprised if your heart opens wide for someone you meet during your journeys. Plan an epic vacay together, especially near the intimate solar eclipse on July 2. Invest in a stylish set of luggage, Sagittarius, and keep a blazer or leveled-up denim jacket in your carry-on, so you can head straight from the airport to that meeting.

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And pair with espadrilles that you can easily slip on and off during TSA checks. And with a rare trio of energizing eclipses in Capricorn—on January 6, July 16, and December 26—you'll revive the best parts of yourself, like your killer sense of humor and incredible leadership skills. Leopard or zebra print? Your wild side will be out to play in as two of the most experimental planets, Jupiter and Uranus, touch down in the most outgoing parts of your astrological chart.

You've always been a social butterfly, Aquarius, but you're always the true original in any crowd. This year, you'll crave the company of fellow free spirits who play by their own rules. Your sporty side will also be activated by astro-athletes Mars and Jupiter.

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Join an indoor league this winter or and take a snowboarding lesson. Romantically, could bring some unforgettable fairy tale moments!

Just when you least expect it, you could be swept off your feet—or presented with something bright and shiny—especially near the eclipses in January, July, and December, which promise to bring heart-thumping surprises. With enterprising Jupiter orbiting through the part of your chart associated with success, will bring many opportunities to prove your mettle at work.

Just make sure your passport is valid! Since Jupiter is the travel planet, its influence in could find you crossing international borders in pursuit of your ambitions. But even in the most corporate environment, you'll always be the unique soul in the room, so stay grounded in the down-to-earth vibe that people admire.

direct soir horoscope Direct soir horoscope
direct soir horoscope Direct soir horoscope
direct soir horoscope Direct soir horoscope
direct soir horoscope Direct soir horoscope
direct soir horoscope Direct soir horoscope
direct soir horoscope Direct soir horoscope
direct soir horoscope Direct soir horoscope

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