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Placements, environment in which one is raised, etc.

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Cancer Moon - 2 years. Cancer Women - 4 years. Gemini Cancer Cusp - 7 months.

They take this ability to cut someone dead with a one-liner to a high art form. Again this is quite awesome, but extremely painful if you find yourself in their firing line. Bottom line, the lion is a man-eating beast. It can be bitterly cruel when threatened. You really want these folk on your side for they will fight and defend you until they have spilt their last drop of blood.

The Divine Right Of Kings. The negative side of these Lions is cruelty and vengeance since the malefic Mars pushes an already fiery Leo decan 3 to the very limit. These formidable lionesses go out on the hunt and bring home the bacon while their male counterparts sleep all day, waking only for sex and to bark orders. Stalking…that is another trait of this sector. The tarot card associated with this decan is the seven of wands.

This is a card of giving it your all and of competitiveness. The keywords certainly fit well with Mars ruled Leo decan 3. It suggests that you are going after what you want and are prepared to fight your way to the top. Your personality is strong and forthright and you are very confident in your approach. Your convictions are strong too and you believe passionately in what you are doing. Make sure to pace yourself. You do not want to burn out before you reach the finish line. To feel angry at injustices, or be subject to mistreatment by authority figures. An occasion of apparent ruthlessness.

One who receives honours and awards, but who needs to be wary of vengefulness. A time of noble, or military endeavours. Power and authority, says it all really! Regulus officially entered Virgo in Of course, then these felines were born to rule, and they take to the stage like a duck to water. Physical prowess is part of their makeup and they tend to be famous as much for their animal magnetism as whatever their talents might be.

Sex addiction is a danger for this placement if the native has no other outlet for their fertile creative expression. Some still persist despite a demanding job, see Clinton or Madonna. The Sun is at its most theatrical in Leo and desperately needs to create or procreate. Neither of you may be pressed to go forward with a relationship right away, but the more you interact, the more you appreciate how easily you relate to one another.

Yin-Yin and Yang-Yang combinations: The attraction is not insistent. Instead, you feel comfortable with one another.

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Your love signs are in opposition, or in signs that are opposite. This combination can bring about tremendous fascination!

Sometimes, the relationship begins with a distinct dislike of each other. Or, the initial reaction is strong but somehow disturbing! The feelings are never lukewarm, and they can go either way. Many times, they go to both extremes at the very same time! In other words, a love-hate relationship is possible.

The trick is to appreciate your distinct differences in both love styles and love needs, and find ways to complement each other complimenting may work wonders, too! Magnetism is the key word with any combination. Yin-Yang combinations: The chemistry is very real and palpable with these combinations. You are more inclined to take up the challenge of this relationship, probably because sexual chemistry is present, in spades.

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Yin-Yin or Yang-Yang combinations: Although intrigued, these combinations are not as sexually magnetic as yin-yang combos, so the motivation to make things work might not be as strong. Your love signs are semi-sextile, or in signs that are semi-sextile to each other side-by-side. Where do you begin? What to say? If not, the interest might be in place, but opportunities to make a connection seem to pass you by.

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No matter what the combination of planets involved, you could most certainly learn a lot from each other, if given the chance. This is because your planets are in signs that are side-by-side. These feelings are subtle. Your love signs are inconjunct, or in signs that are inconjunct to each other. This combination is similar to the semi-sextile Beige combination, but more insistent and binding. The chemistry is either present and powerful or not there at all. Sometimes this points to an on-again, off-again relationship. Plenty of adjustments are required in order to make this relationship work, but if you are willing to make them, more power to you.

The viability of this combination depends very much on your individual characters. If you value peace and harmony, you probably should look elsewhere! Yin-Yang combinations: Of the scenarios described here, this is more apt to be a situation in which the chemistry does exist.

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  • Yin-Yin or Yang-Yang combinations: Of the scenarios described above, this one is less likely to indicate powerful chemistry. Plenty of adjustments are needed in order to make this relationship work. This can be exciting and interesting, or just plain annoying and stressful, depending on your individual personalities.

    Your love signs are square, or in signs that are square to each other. Especially when they form an astrological square, this points to a very direct and obvious clash of temperaments.

    Leo Zodiac Sign

    Mind you, this combination can be extraordinarily exciting and titillating at the beginning, especially when yin-yang planets and points are involved. Whatever the case may be, you definitely notice one another. Something brews within each of you when you are in the same room. Sometimes, the relationship seems impossible.

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