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Starting from Jawaharlal Nehru it is still growing strong while Madam Gandhi is at the helm of affairs. He started his political career in the RSS as a grass roots worker and rose to be the Chief Minister of Gujarat and presently he is in his third term as the CM of Gujarat. On the contrary Rahul Gandhi is an heir- apparent of the ruling party of India. Let us compare the astrological charts of both these ambitious people based on data available to us. Birth details and chart of these two are as follows:.

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Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Navbharat Times. The planet Mercury stands out to be the best spoiler in his life as a whole. On 23 rd December, , he took oath as CM of Gujarat for the third time. The favorable Sun dasa which started from November, and continued till November, was one of the best periods with respect to his political life.

Sun is the 10 th lord and placed in the 11 th house. The 10 th house signifies profession and 11 th house signifies prosperity.

“Turbulent Atmosphere” Ahead of 12222 Polls :Stars Foretell Narendra Modi Still The Winner

The favourable impact of Sun in his chart probably might have helped him by giving strength to elevate the economic status of Gujarat which even attracted the attention of foreign media. The economic development model devised and implemented by him for the development of the state was one of the best amongst those of all other Indian states. His efforts were acknowledged by the academicians and even the politicians of opposite parties as well.

Moon is a very favorable planet in his chart, as it is the lord of the 9 th house, the house to be seen for good fortunes. This yog endows him with the agility of a warrior who is capable of eliminating his foes. Moon dasa started from November, and continues till November, The events that are presently following in his life are the endowment of auspiciousness of Moon.

He was chosen as the National Campaign Chief for the General Elections in 9 th June, and anointed as the Prime Ministerial candidate on 13 th September, , thereafter.


He won the general elections with a thumping majority and took charge as Prime Minister of India on 26 th May, Now, we are on the verge of another poll season which is about to commence from March, The planet Mercury is an inauspicious planet in his chart, the influence of which could play havoc in the life of Modi. As we have seen in the immediate past, BJP had lost three state elections in the Hindi heartland at once and some sort of dissenting voices have sprung up from the internal quarters of his own party.

Congress has been attacking him for the last one year or so on the Rafale deal and it is not unknown to anybody that it is a blatant lie manufactured and propagated through a series of press conference in the media circles and to huge gatherings at the hosting of state assembly elections held recently. Even the Supreme Court has scrutinized the deal and could not find any procedural lapses in the whole process of proposed procurement of weaponised planes from France.

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  7. Modi may see banner of revolt against his leadership. But the situation may change to his advantage after February Modi is going to be stronger from February 28, However, the period between January 15 and 25, is going to be a testing time of his patience and fortitude. Some forces within his own party would create not only ticklish troubles but also challenges to his leadership. The period between January 26 and February 9 may give him some respite and would be able to buy peace with the dissidents.

    It is the time for him to rejuvenate his diplomatic vigor and change the situation to his favor and advantage.

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    He would rise again up to the expectations and defeat the narratives floated against him. The period between February 26 and March 15 is very critical as he will be compelled to take quick decisions which may be detrimental to the possibility of winning the election. This is a small favorable window of time available to him to regain the lost ground and win the hearts of the masses and reaffirm him as the savior.

    But Modi has never made any utterance on Mandir or issues based on religion and sentiments. The Right to Education Act is another such issue that was never been taken up by his government in last four and a half years of its tenure. He always worked for the overall development of the country without discriminating people on the basis of caste or religion. All the policies he announced in the last four and a half years are the testimony to his commitment to economic development of the country without bringing in any discretion or discrimination. He should try to bring in new allies or try to settle the differences between the existing allies to offset such misgivings.

    The period between 15 th and 23 rd March is again going to be a tough period as some last minute troubles among alliance partners may crop up. He should plan the election during 24 th March and 19 th May. The oath-taking ceremony should happen during May BJP and Modi need not to worry about Maha Gadbandhan, a dream coalition of anti-Modi parties which was never formed nor going to be a reality. Certain parties may join together to form regional alliances to fight the elections. Rahu and Ketu are transiting into 8 th and 2 nd houses of Scorpio Rasi on 23 rd March, , which is not very auspicious for Modi.

    This transit is indicating troubles for Modi from within his own party and the external influences are not very complex. Now, Modi has to focus more on the party, its state leadership and RSS by addressing all outstanding issues and devise solutions to all contentious issues. Right now, Modi seems to be on the defensive and trying to prove that the allegations are baseless. Rather he should have smiled away all the demeaning accusations thrown at him by Rahul Gandhi with boisterous laughter. This would have destroyed Rahul Gandhi in his murderous rage of revenge.

    Secondly, Modi has to return to the spirit of and re-enkindle the sentiment of hope in the hopelessness repeatedly created by the opposite political camp. The upcoming political campaign must be so thought out that people would see their hope in Modi, ie.

    Narendra Modi Horoscope - TARA ASTROLOGY

    The prosperity or poverty of the society is directly depended on the health of the body and condition of the mind of the king. Hence the king becomes main subject for consideration when we look at the society. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Wednesday, October 9, Indus Scrolls. Nobel Prize for Physics awarded to 3 scientists for work on….

    Rajnath Singh flies in Rafale fighter as France hands over first…. Do not go off-limit, we will destroy you, Says Trump to…. Ramayana is heritage of entire mankind: Vice President.

    Will Modi get a second chance? An astro-political analysis of PM’s horoscope

    Sabarimala verdict a year after: The saga of an unparalled struggle. All Agriculture Ayurveda. CSIR launches eco-friendly crackers. Molecular mechanism of gender differences in sexual behaviour deciphered. Large graphical health warnings on tobacco packets more effective: study.

    latest astrological prediction on narendra modi Latest astrological prediction on narendra modi
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