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When Do We Meet Our Soul Mates?

This can be reflected in your dreams and ideals as well as in your social life. At the age of thirty-nine there is a turning point as your progressed Sun enters Aries, emphasizing a need to actively take the initiative and be brave and direct in your relationships with others.

This may involve pioneering new activities in your life. Another change of emphasis occurs at age sixty-nine, when your progressed Sun enters Taurus, highlighting a greater need for a practical approach to life and financial security.

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You may find interest in astrology and metaphysical studies. Usually you are domestically inclined and love your home. This star also bestows a happy family life and gains through marriage. You are probably competitive, original, and inventive. This star also suggests the occurrence of some strange or unexpected events. Highly intuitive, with innate spiritual potential, you can benefit greatly from developing this side of your nature. Through self-analysis and periods of introspection, you can stay in touch with your inner sensitivity and spontaneity, allowing life to unfold in its own time.

This helps you to relax and avoid possible periods of suspicion or isolation.

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If you set your expectations too high, people may find it hard to reach your high ideals of perfection. Although you are very independent, as a networker with many contacts you prefer the personal touch and work well in partnerships or as a member of a team. Your determination and leadership ability work to your benefit and qualify you for advancement in all areas of life.

With your sharp insight and powerful instincts, you are dynamic and receptive, with executive ability. Your humanitarian inclinations may draw you to work with people as a psychologist or counselor.

That said, "Scorpio is also a good match for Taurus since this sign is also very private and patient," Barretta says. Gemini loves to have fun, which is why Farrar suggests they look for a partner who can move quickly, offer stimulating conversation, and keep them from getting bored. This is one sign that'll move on if they aren't feeling excited, so they look for folks who can keep up.

Aquarius can be a good match for that very reason. Another good match would be Sagittarius, "since they are both friendly signs and usually have lots of friends that form an interesting social circle," Barretta says, which is perfect for Gemini, since they value being social and surrounding themselves with good people.

As a nurturing, moody, empathetic, and family-oriented sign, Cancer will want a partner who helps them feel safe. And that's why Leo tends to have what it takes to make a marriage work. For this marriage to work, they'll both need to listen to each other and create firm boundaries, so that they both feel secure. Taurus can also make a great partner, since they are patient enough to wait out Cancer's dark moods, Barretta says.

These two have the ability to understand each other no matter what life throws their way, which is a trait that can certainly come in handy when navigating the ups and downs of life.

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Leo is an incredibly proud, creative, and dramatic sign, Barretta says, as well as one that's protective of their loved ones. That's why they often settle down with Pisces, who also values feeling safe and protected, leading to a marriage that feels secure for both signs. Libra can also be a great partner, since they both share a desire for the finer things in life, Barretta says. But more importantly, Libra and Leo help balance each other out. Leo loves doing all the talking and getting all the attention, while Libra is often indecisive and is cool with taking a step back. They mesh well together since they won't step on each other's toes.

If a Virgo has been through tough relationships in the past , and is looking for someone to help them feel secure going forward, they may be happiest with Taurus.

Sun in Pisces

Not only is this sign down for deep commitment , Phoenix says, but they're also a great match for an enduring love life. When it comes to someone who might be able to help Virgo reach their goals, though, they might find a stronger connection with Capricorn. They might not make for the most exciting match, since both are homebodies and hard workers.

But it's something they appreciate in each other, and can lead to a solid, stable connection. All they'll have to do to ensure they don't get bored is plan the occasional date night, or plan a special evening at home, and they'll both be happy. Libra is a charming sign, Barretta says, as well as one that's fair-minded and indecisive. No one understands them better than Taurus, who has a very similar mind. In a long-term relationship, they do what they can to enjoy themselves and appreciate the finer things in life, she says, and can often be found happily lazing around their home.

That said, Libra can also be really happy with an Aries, since they're strong decision makers, Barretta says. They certainly know how to create a life worth living, and once they choose their life partner will work with them to create a beautiful and loving home. Random commitment is not their style and they understand the need for complementary natures to work together in life. The Dragon does have a tendency towards lusty infatuation that is always short lived.

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Only a life filled with spontaneity and variety will be suitable for these souls, from this they will flourish together. As marriage partners they will work as a dedicated team, and the social butterflies are ever ready to give each other the floor, with the Rat happy to allow the Dragon adequate time in the spotlight. Together they are a dramatic team, strong, forthright energies who have a tendency to live life like a roller coaster ride. They are passionate and high strung and will lead an eventful and flamboyant life, loving each other ardently.

The rather brusque approach of the Dragon offends the delicate sensibilities of the Rabbit, the Dragon can be too forceful for the gentle and courteous Rabbit. They are like a royal couple and each require the other to hold them in the highest esteem, they have all the elements to glide through life each shining like a star, each adoring the other. The Snake will have a possessive approach towards the Dragon and Dragons require the space to embrace their independent nature. If this can be done and there is fidelity the relationship will continue, if however they do part they will remain lifelong friends.

This relationship is clash of the Titans with neither relinquishing center stage, with both vying for attention this will be a momentary union. This relationship has lifelong potential providing the Dragon is sensitive to the needs of the Goat, there is often success when a male Dragon and female Goat form a partnership.

There is a strong attraction between these souls. The nature of these souls works like a magnet drawing them together, they bond readily and easily, each providing the other with a true soul mate. They are on the same wave length, both are innovative and love a challenge, there is immense attraction between them and longevity is their destiny.

The Dragon and Dog are complete opposites yet each is intrigued by what makes the other tick, rather than being lovers they can share an inspiring and challenging friendship or business partnership. The Dragon loves the nature of the Pig and basks in the gentle attention, it is an unhindered romantic journey providing the Dragon remains faithful, this would be devastating and difficult for the Pig to overcome.

The Snake likes to immerse entirely into a relationship and wants to share everything, needing to know all about their partner. The Snake is an intuitive and giving lover and soul mate, choosing a mate with care and in an unhurried manner. The Snake is quite possessive and requires the full attention of their life partner. They are capable of a passionate and sensual relationship, however the Snake is emotionally stronger than the Rat and the Rat is in danger of suffering a broken heart.

The Rat would need to proceed with caution. They recognize qualities in each other they are drawn to allowing them to move forward unhindered, and to enjoy a deep and abiding friendship and a passionate and romantic soul partnership. The cautious in love Snake can be unsettled by the irrepressible nature of the Tiger, the Tiger wants to move forward in leaps and bounds, while the Snake would prefer to gracefully and slowly pace itself. The Snake would constantly feel at odds in this relationship.

The Snake must be the leader in this relationship and this relationship has merit, they both love beautiful things and care for the home, they are attentive towards each other. There is the possibility of the Rabbit being overwhelmed by the Snake. The Snake must allow the Dragon freedom of movement and be less possessive, if this is agreed upon this will be a strong and happy relationship.

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Trouble will arise if the Snake tries to restrict the movement of the Dragon and they will breathe fire. They coil around each other in complete contentment, there is a spiritual and physical connection, there is an overabundance of yin energy and each will be waiting for the other to take charge. This is something they work through easily there is an ethereal beauty about this soul partnering. They are different in their nature, the Horse is outward, the Snake is inward, yet there is no lacking in physical attraction and they can have a sensual and lively partnership.

Blending the way the view and interact in the world is the challenge, the Snake communes inwardly while the Horse is outward bound. This can create disharmony between them.

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february 11 astrology soul mate February 11 astrology soul mate

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