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Karma is created in this very second and is continued through habit whether it be good Karma or bad Karma. Karma is not hiding in the shadows ready to reward us or punish us, it is within ourselves and controllable by our actions. When we speak and act without thinking we may well be introducing bad Karma unintentionally. In an ideal world, we would find a way of changing our habits to create good Karma which would then be returned to us at a later time.

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A desirable state to strive for is one of understanding of oneself and of appreciation to those around us. To comprehend and understand how those affected by our actions will then go on to have a positive or negative effect on other human beings. Knowing an aggressor can be transformed if we reacted in a different way to how they imagined. Instead of shouting and screaming abuse in return to an affliction try to understand why a person is so aggressive.

Karma is also an important consideration when in a relationship with another person. Our actions, no matter how small, will affect the other person in that relationship.

Therefore, we can be creating good or bad Karma with them along the way. It is important to always stay mindful of your actions and words to your spouse or lover and if you have wronged or offended your partner then you should look to apologise and make amends as soon as possible in order to help your relationship and to also negate the bad Karma. If you are concerned that you have bad Karma that you need to resolve then read this great article seven tips to negate bad Karma, here.

Looking to astrology can also help to determine where bad Karma may have been accumulated and offer some suggestions on how you can rectify and change it in order to create a more happy life for yourself. Therefore, relationship astrology can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Astronomy is the study of stars, planets and other celestial bodies that are evident in the universe and is classified as a science because of the endless possibilities of new discoveries in outer space.

Venus Aspects in Compatibility and Relationships - Venus is Synastry

For as long as humans have walked the earth they have gazed in amazement at the star-studded sky to ascertain what effects the movements of the planets have on our everyday lives. Throughout most of our human history, we have had no real knowledge of the outer space that we have wondered at and treated the movements of the planets as having some divine power that has control over our lives.

With the modern technology available to us today we are now in a position to study the wider universe and almost every month we hear of a new discovery even though we are penetrating deeper and deeper into the unknown. Our thirst for knowledge of how we arrived on earth and if it is possible for life on other planets to exist is insatiable and scientists believe it may only be a short time before we have those answers. Astrologers , however, look at the universe in a completely different way even though it is only about years since formal records of astrology have existed.

The constantly changing sky and the movements of the planets with the meteor showers have led to the belief that this sparkling world above our heads had a bearing with controls over our lives. Special significance has been attached to the belief that our individual human fate is dictated and controlled by the heavenly bodies above us.

The Mayan empire and Greeks through to Ancient Chinese and Egyptians saw special significance in astrology with western doctrines dating back some years.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

This is seen as particularly useful if a person is wanting to know if a relationship will be long-lasting or not. For several thousands of years, astrology has been considered in a scientific context along with other natural sciences like astronomy and geology. This tradition and powerful belief has simply been accepted as another human experience even though there has been no scientific proof that it works, simply relying on coincidental evidence. However, over a relatively short period over the last years, astrology has lost its self-imposed legitimate science connotation through the desire for authenticity.

8th House in Synastry Chart Overlays...

However millions of people around the world still turn to the horoscope pages of their daily newspaper to ascertain a good or bad day ahead. Anyone wanting to foresee their future should consult a qualified astrologer and use their natal chart as the basis of the reading. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I am delighted to be launching my passion project where I will be blogging about all topics that are close to my heart. As a focal point, The Soulful Seed will primarily focus on topics of astrology and synastry. However, I will also be sharing my experiences with other spiritual aspects of my life and things that I have found particularly helpful, including meditation, mindfulness, Buddhism and Stoicism.

Synastry is the fascinating are of understanding and interpreting relationship connections that we have with people in order to understand the possibilities and potentials that we may have in any kind of relationship that we engage in. Knowing the possibilities that a relationship may bring can greatly help one to navigate the boat of love to calmer and safer waters and help both parties to experience a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship. I hope you will enjoy The Soulful Seed and find it a useful, interesting and inspiring blog that you choose to come back to read again and again.

This is a passion project of mine and so I will be writing The Soulful Seed in my spare time around my work and other life commitments. Lo's Leonine identity, but her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez , was born on July 27, , making him a Leo, too. Given what we know about this couple and Leos, for that matter , it seems to be more than a mere coincidence that they share a Zodiac sign besides, it could get weirder — they could have the exact same birthday.

If you ask us, Lopez and Rodriguez's undeniable chemistry was written in the stars. According to the AstroTwins' astrological compatibility guide How To Get Along With Anyone Yes, Even THAT Person , people born under the same sign tend to be very accepting of each other's likes, dislikes, and quirks — they write that getting to know a signmate can feel like looking in a mirror.

We're like mirror images of each other. Of course, there can be a downside to sharing your sign with your partner. As astrologer Annie Heese writes on her site, Cafe Astrology , Lopez and Rodriguez don't just have their positive qualities in common — they likely have the same weaknesses, too.

Astrological Compatibility Calculator

Where couples with opposite signs balance out each other's needs and tempers, couples with the same sign may be too similar to see beyond each other's shortcomings to tackle challenges effectively. Two Leos may find it difficult to check their egos in order to support each other. They might even come to resent one another's dramatic streak. Luckily, if A-Rod's talents as a supportive-boyfriend-cum-red-carpet-photographer are anything to go on, he doesn't have a problem with checking his ego for J.

Lo's sake.


Leo and Aries Nature and Nuances Two fire signs come together. The Ram meets Leo-Taurus Compatibility Strong determination and decision making power are Leo and Gemini Nature and Nuances: Two charming personalities come Leo and Capricorn Nature and Nuances A fire sign that loves excitement meets Leo and Aquarius Nature and Nuances: When the flame of the lion meets Leo and Pisces Nature and Nuances: The lion and the fish. The fire and Just like the Lion, the Leo natives are daring, heroic and possess an aristocratic bearing. They are proud people and love to be in the limelight.

Themselves just, they are always ready to fight for justice for others, especially their loved ones. The Leo zodiac compatibility studies show that they are creative people and excel at any form of art. They have a big heart, big ambitions and even love big-time, as per the Leo love compatibility studies. Leo Natives Are Most Compatible With: Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini Leo compatibility indications reveal that like the Sagittarius natives, they are powerful, intense, and love nature, adventure and freedom.

They can stimulate each other to great and intense ecstasies. The stormier the sessions between the sheets, the longer their relationship is likely to last, indicates Leo compatibility. The Leo compatibility chart indicates that Aries zodiac sign natives also get along extremely well with the Lions. Both are full of passion, energy and have huge egos that they want to be massaged. The Leo romance compatibility chart shows that both are heavily into sex for the entertainment of it, and enjoying it frequently is likely to result in the formation of a long-lasting relationship, as per Leo compatibility.

Leo horoscope compatibility studies suggest that Gemini is another sign which bonds well with the Lion. They may follow different paths, but have a common goal and nurture a great passion for living life king-size. The Gemini's fun-loving attitude turns on the sense of humour, as well as the heat, in the Lion's breast. Every time they indulge in sex, it is going to be a memorable event, suggests the Leo sign compatibility.

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They are almost diametrical opposite in their natures, with the creative Lion being thoroughly frustrated with the utter lack of this quality in the Capricorn native.

leo synastry compatibility Leo synastry compatibility
leo synastry compatibility Leo synastry compatibility
leo synastry compatibility Leo synastry compatibility
leo synastry compatibility Leo synastry compatibility
leo synastry compatibility Leo synastry compatibility
leo synastry compatibility Leo synastry compatibility
leo synastry compatibility Leo synastry compatibility
leo synastry compatibility Leo synastry compatibility

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